Detect faces in an input image and return annotations from the 'Kairos' API.

detect(image, min_head_scale = 0.015)



An image of file type 'JPG', 'PNG', or 'BMP'. Can either be an url string or a local image processed with prep_image.


Set the ratio of the smallest face to look for in the input image. Accepts a value between .015 (1:64 scale) and .5 (1:2 scale).


A data frame with annotations for each detected face.


#> Succesfully initialized authentification credentials.
# one image finn_image <- '' faces <- detect(image = finn_image)
#> Error: API did not return json
# multiple images sw_image <- '' padme_image <- '' faces <- c(finn_image, sw_image, padme_image) %>% purrr::map(detect) %>% dplyr::bind_rows()
#> Error: API did not return json