This app enables interactive exploration of the Pathways Corpus for studying the political representation of Citizens of Immigrant Origin. It includes parliamentary written questions from democracies of eight European countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

How to Install

You can download and install the latest development version of the app with the devtools package by running devtools::install_github('cschwem2er/pathways').

For Windows users installing from github requires proper setup of Rtools.

At the moment, pathways is not yet available on CRAN, but a submission is being prepared.

How to Use

This package includes all datasets of the Pathways Corpus:

name country term
be Belgium 2010-2014
de Germany 2009-2013
el Greece 2015
es Spain 2011-2015
fr France 2007-2012
it Italy 2008-2013
nl Netherlands 2010-2012
uk United Kingdom 2010-2015

After loading the pathways package you can launch the shiny app in your browser to explore the corpus:

The app can be used to filter corpora by several attributes and for visualizing high frequency / high keyness terms:


A reference for the Pathways Corpus is currently in preparation. For now, please cite the following reference if you use this package for your publications:

  Carsten Schwemmer (2019). pathways: A 'Shiny' Application for Exploring the Pathways Corpus. R package version 1.0.2.