stminsights 0.3.0 2018-11-24

New features implemented by Jonne Guyt

  • representative documents are now searchable
  • representative document table now contains (optional) information on: row id, STM document ID and theta
  • proportions can now be plotted for each individual document using the STM document ID
  • documents can be plotted in a (clickable) 2d scatter plot that shows proportions on two topics simultaneously
  • document information displayed upon clicking scatter plot

Minor improvements

  • popup texts moved such that inputs can be selected more easily
  • default options for document inspection changed

stminsights 0.2.3 Unreleased

Minor improvements

  • multiple variables can now be selected for inspecting representative documents of topics

stminsights 0.2.2 2018-08-30

Update Dependencies

  • updated package dependencies to fix installation errors

stminsights 0.2.1 Unreleased

Bug Fix

  • fixed a bug for storing topic labels in a spreadsheet
  • increased the number of documents for inspecting topics

stminsights 0.2.0 2018-05-13

Minor improvements

  • include vignette for an introduction to stminsights
  • include url for bug reports
  • update readme

stminsights 0.1.2 2018-02-27

Minor improvements / Bug Fix / CRAN Release

stminsights 0.1.1 Unreleased

Minor improvements

  • added option for labeling axes
  • added more options for content model term selection

stminsights 0.1.0 Unreleased

First release

  • This is the first release of the package.